1. Select the appropriate boxes for the schools and leagues you want to follow in your calendar application.
  2. Copy the text in the box below into your calendar program to subscribe to the league schedule(s).
Note: When you select a league you will receive the schedule for all schools by default. Only select schools if you want the schedule for specific schools in a league.
Watch this video tutorial to subscribe using a Google calendar.


Pick one or more leagues:
Junior Boys Soccer
Senior Boys Soccer
Junior Girls Soccer
Senior Girls Soccer
Junior Co-Ed Badminton
Senior Co-Ed Badminton
Senior Boys Baseball
Junior Boys Basketball - Tier 1
Senior Boys Basketball - Tier 1
Junior Girls Basketball - Tier 1
Senior Girls Basketball - Tier 1
Junior Boys Basketball - Tier 2
Senior Boys Basketball - Tier 2
Junior Girls Basketball - Tier 2
Senior Girls Basketball - Tier 2
Junior Girls Basketball - Tier 3
Senior Girls Basketball - Tier 3
A Junior Boys Basketball Playoffs
AA Junior Boys Basketball Playoffs
AAA Junior Boys Basketball Playoffs
A Senior Boys Basketball Playoffs
AA Senior Boys Basketball Playoffs
AAA Senior Boys Basketball Playoffs
A Junior Girls Basketball Playoffs
AA Junior Girls Basketball Playoffs
AAA Junior Girls Basketball Playoffs
A Senior Girls Basketball Playoffs
AA Senior Girls Basketball Playoffs
AAA Senior Girls Basketball Playoffs
Varsity Co-Ed Cross Country
Varsity Boys Curling
Varsity Girls Curling
12 Man AA Junior Boys Football
12 Man AA/AAA Junior Boys Football
12 Man Senior Boys Football
Senior Boys Hockey
Senior Girls Hockey
Junior Boys Rugby
Senior Boys Rugby
Junior Girls Rugby
Senior Girls Rugby
Varsity Co-Ed Swimming
Varsity Co-Ed Tennis
Varsity Co-Ed Track and Field
A Junior Boys Volleyball
AA/AAA Junior Boys Volleyball
A Senior Boys Volleyball
AA/AAA Senior Boys Volleyball
A Junior Girls Volleyball
AA Junior Girls Volleyball
AA/AAA Junior Girls Volleyball
A Senior Girls Volleyball
AA/AAA Senior Girls Volleyball
Varsity Boys Wrestling
Varsity Girls Wrestling
Pick one or more schools:
Chatham Christian
Chatham Kent
Great Lakes
John McGregor
Pain Court
St. Francois-Xavier
St. Pat's
Ursuline College